Festival Directors Irina Botan, Natalie Klouda and Ashok Klouda explain their links with Highgate and the thinking behind the festival  

We have each been lucky enough to devote most of our lives to music.


Natalie and Irina met as students at the Yehudi Menuhin School and first performed violin/piano works together aged 11! Yehudi Menuhin was himself a Highgate resident for many many years - in fact there is a tree planted in his memory just a stone's throw from the United Reformed Church.

Ashok has lived for most of his life in North London and actually started to learn the cello at Young Music Makers based at the bottom of Highgate West Hill! However, despite all these connections with the area, it was only during a meeting in 2012 that the three of us fully realised that Highgate was the perfect place to set up a festival to share our love of chamber music.

Highgate's picturesque setting, unique atmosphere, beautiful churches and huge abundance of musicians and music lovers mean there is surely no better place to bring people together for such a celebration.​